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Do you HEART cheese? Or at least cheesy post titles?

February 7, 2011

February, the month of love…chocolates, roses, champagne- who doesn’t like those things? But imagine if someone made you herbed chevre or some creamy ricotta in the shape of a heart? Now that’s a unique treat! I think what you need for your sweetheart (to be?) is a cheese kit and/or some heart shaped cheese!

Don’t have a heart-shaped cheese mold? Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter or muffin tin! Simply follow one of my recipes, drain most of the whey out in a colander and press your salted cheese into the heart and coat with herbs after you pop it out. LOVELY.

This would surely impress!

Find the kits around Portland, OR at New Season’s, Whole Foods (Washington too), Urban Farm Store, Mirador, Alberta Co-op, the Powell’s gift section and more! Request the heart mold and they should be able to get it from me (though maybe not fast enough for the holiday).

I can also mail a kit AND heart mold straight to you or your beloved (family members count). Order by Wednesday night and you’ll have it right on Valentine’s Day (we send by 2-3 day Priority Mail so we can only promise so much, after that, the U.S. Post Office is to blame :)).

Have a love-filled month!


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