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I got to milk some goats!

October 16, 2009
goat being milked

As fresh as it gets, but the grocery store will do!

Let me explain, I was not brought up as an animal person at all (is that nature or nurture?) but for some reason, I love goats! In my opinion they seem to have as much personality as dogs but they’re better because they give you milk and with some effort on your part, cheese!

On the Good Milks page on this site I list Ed and Nancy, the urban dairy goat farmers right here in Portland, OR (turns out they’re only 8 minutes from my home).  Today I not only got to buy milk from them, not only got to meet their goats (including babies!), but I got to milk 2 goats (and learn a lot about keeping them in the city)!

Here are some pictures. Remember I told you, I’m kind of new to the animal kingdom so I may look a little squeamish but I still loved it! Sorry about the photos being blurry, the light was low but my buddies and I didn’t want to annoy the goats.

I am now off to make the freshest chevre I will probably ever taste!




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