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I guess I have something against hanging my cheese from weird places.

April 19, 2009

I bought this “banana tree” at a thrift store for $2 (they are meant for hanging your bananas on so that they don’t bruise while they ripen in your fruit bowl at home) and I intended to use it for another project’s photo shoot. I did not end up using it so I had this useless kitchen accessory around (I eat my bananas way too fast to have them hanging around). Then, light bulb over my head clicked on!

It is TOTALLY fine to hang your draining cheese from a kitchen cupboard door knob as well as it is to hang cheese bundles from sink faucets, wooden spoons across bowls, hooks over the sink, wire fridge racks etc. But now that I’ve figured this out, I won’t go back. I love it’s portability and cleanliness. lovely cheese draining tree
If you’re interested, they make these in bamboo, wood, and wrought iron (mine is wrought iron as you can probably tell).
Very, very simple to set up. Hang the knotted bundle from the hook, place the whole thing in a bowl or dish that can catch the whey as your cheese drains. Put it in the fridge or not as your recipe calls for. That’s it!


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